About Rainbow Ready

Who are We?

Rainbow Ready is a joint initiative started by Ara Taiohi and RainbowYOUTH in 2017.  Rainbow Ready was created as a response to various concerning reports and surveys from the New Zealand youth sector about gender, sex, and sexuality.

Why is Rainbow Ready Important?

 Since 2012.,  these surveys and reports have indicated that rainbow young people experience higher rates of discrimination, stigma, and exclusion in  their schools, families, and community (Ara Taoihi, 2013; Ara Taoihi, 2014;  Ara Taohi, 2015; Clark, Fleming, Bullen,  Denny, Crengle, Dyson, Fortune, Lucassen, Peiris-John, Robinson, Rossen,  Sheridan, Teevale,Utter, 2013 ). To make matters worse, research has also shown that most rainbow services and organizations that serve rainbow youth are under-staffed, under-sourced, experience high rates of staff and volunteer burnout, and lack best practice guidelines for supporting rainbow young people.  Such circumstances makes it more difficult to support a growing number of rainbow young people. Rainbow Ready is an attempt to alleviate some of the stress that rainbow support organizations are currently facing while simultaneously ensuring better health, safety, and overall well-being of  rainbow young people.

How Does Rainbow Ready Help?

In order to achieve this goal,  Rainbow Ready aims to increase the availability of support for rainbow young people, by educating mainstream youth organization about rainbow, or LGBTQI, identities along with the processes and practices that will help rainbow youth feel welcomed, supported, and valued in youth spaces. 

In addition to information about welcoming, supporting, and valuing rainbow young people, Rainbow Ready also provides evaluation tools and plans for future action to ensure that mainstream organizations realize new understandings about rainbow young people in their revised policies and practices.

Rainbow Ready is an ongoing commitment to supporting rainbow youth, their families, and whānau. The success of Rainbow Ready relies on folks like you who dedicate themselves to being attentive and proactive when addressing the needs of rainbow youth in youth organizations across Aotearoa New Zealand. 


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